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SEO Management

What does SEO Management mean?

Well, it could mean that you manage to SEO or that you manage SEO or it could mean very little at all.

SEO is a complex art. It’s origins are basically in science and in terms of high Google rankings you can begin by looking at a scientific equation ‘Google’s algorithm’. Google uses this as the first basis from which it will ultimately determine where any web page should rank for a relevant search phrase entered into Google. But from a scientific beginning SEO turns into an art. This is because much is left unknown by Google and so is subject to interpretation and experience. Part of SEO involves highly technical knowledge including server setup, htaccess file control, robots.txt files, and so on.

Understanding a canonical url problem and fixing it, knowing how to identify site construction or internal linking problems comes from study and experience. The finer details of page name structure (hyphens or underscores?), anchor text and content relevancy emerge as one studies SEO management over a period of time. Although it can be quite easy to grasp a few basics of SEO and easily believe you can ‘do it’ and ‘know it’, it does in fact take years of study and even then you will not know all there is to know. On top of this Google is evolving and changing its algorithm over time, so for most companies with a web presence it pays dividends to invest in professional SEO management to ensure their site is everything it can be for them.

It is common for MISTERWEB SEO clients to show amazement at how their visitor traffic and enquiry numbers increase dramatically almost ‘overnight’. Although maintaining a high google ranking with quality organic SEO requires careful and intelligent work by the Search engine optimiser. SEO Management or SEO support, it really doesn’t matter what you call it, it just matters that you understand its importance and value to your business.


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