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Google +1 is here!

Google has ‘just’ launched its Google +1 button. This is a bit of a facebook ‘like’ copy. The idea is you can place the google +1 button on your website, you then hope a visitor who likes what you have to offer clicks it as a vote of their approval, a symbolic ‘I approve’! I am unconvinced this will take off very quickly as it only works if the clicker has a Google profile and is logged into it. Furthermore, some of the most active and keen Google users who use Google Apps (like me) are unable to have a google profile or click Google +1 buttons, apparently, it’s coming… Assuming it does work then you may see connected +1 recommendations when you search on Google. If you are signed up in Google services to be involved in +1 then you will see google+1 buttons at the end of every search result. You can Google +1 any page.

Google +1 has moved out into Google adwords and there is even tracking and metrics on Google +1 in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

In the spirit of testing everything that can affect SEO I have added this to my site www.misterweb.co.uk please feel free to try the +1 button you can see at the top right of all my pages.

Further reading: http://www.google.com/+1/button/.


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